GitHub Pages Setup Guide

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The Problem

Unfortunately this project doesn’t work with GitHub Pages or GitHub Pages for projects. There’re some factors that prevent it from generating pages:

  • Many features Almace Scaffolding provides like LiveReload, Sass support, inline SVG, and HTML minification are implemented using Grunt.js, it’s not supported by GitHub Pages.
  • Almace Scaffolding uses the latest pre-release Jekyll, so not all features are supported by GitHub Pages renderers.
  • GItHub Pages build server overwrites the source settings. This prevent it generating pages from current file structure.

The Solution

I know this can be tricky and more verbose than uploading your Jekyll site directly to your repository. However GitHub Pages support static HTML pages, a workaround solution for using Almace Scaffolding on GitHub Pages is treating your Jekyll site as static pages:

  • Build your site locally (grunt build).
  • Upload Jekyll generated static files to your repository.

If you’d like to keep all things under Git control, you can try the following file structure:

├── _amsf/ (Almace Scaffolding source code)
├── *.html (Jekyll-generated static pages)
└── (your own readme)

You can see this live demo how to make them friends.