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This time I use Courier New, a typography that not so popular, even not so pretty, but most of devices shipped with it. However this site still works fine only on a Mac. on Windows, Courier News renders in a burnt way. I also try to minimise the CSS usage for a complete theme. It’s been six years and my site bumped to version 16, hope this time I can use it for long enough.

這次使用了 Courier New,一個與主流相比不是那麼好看、但大部分設備都會有的字型,不過基本還只對 Apple 的設備比較友好,Windows 下 Courier New 的渲染仍然比較差。我也嘗試用最少的 CSS 來做一個功能完整的主題,這次看來是基本達到了要求,六年時間,這裡已經進化到第 16 版了,希望這個主題能讓我看順眼的時間長些