7-Zip Iconset Redesign v2

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7-Zip 美化圖標組

The 2nd icon set for 7-Zip, works fine on Windows 7. The font used in icons is created by Saved by Zero. The original box template is created by Thvg on deviantART

Icons preview / Download (for 4.6.1 beta x86)


  • Make sure you’ve installed 7-Zip before installing this icon set.
  • This installer will backup your original icons with uninstaller. Uninstall this icon set can restore you 7-Zip icons.

This project is discontinued, but you can try this tool

Chinese Description

此爲第二版美化圖標組,新版本圖標可以在 Windows 7 下完美顯示。圖標中使用的字體爲 Saved by Zero。紙箱子 素材 由來自 deviantART 的 Thvg 授權提供

圖標詳細樣式預覽 / 下載 (for 4.6.1 beta x86)


  • 安裝本圖標組之前請確定您已經正確安裝了 7-Zip 原程序
  • 安裝前會對原作者的圖標文件進行備份,附刪除程序。刪除後可恢複原圖標

尋找 7-Zip 可用的圖標組?可以試試 這個工具