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Font 'Zomnk'

第一次做字體,或者說是改,或者叫 Redesign,或者叫 Repack,叫什麽都好,反正做的難免有些粗糙。用的是 FontLab Studio 5 做的,這是一款大小寫格式相同的英文字體。字體部分借鑒了某品牌的幼線體,因此……請低調宣傳。做這款字體的初衷是應用于 v13 主題 的 Flash 字體顯示,本來還想做 OpenType,後來嫌麻煩,又不用于印刷,直接做了 TT 格式的。優化了標點符號的顯示,可以在這裏看 修改前修改後 的效果

English Description

This is the first time I make my own font, or let me say it, “remix”. Created by FontLab Studio 5. Only uppercased characters included mainly used for my v13 theme in Flash. Only TrueType provided at the moment. You can compare the differences before and after modifying

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